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Las Pajaritas is located on El Paredón beach, offering its guests facilities just a few steps away from one of the best surf destinations in Guatemala. During your stay you can spend the whole day enjoying the waves and take the opportunity to explore marine life near the coast.

Las Pajaritas is in a fairly isolated area of ​​Guatemala, El Paredón is a small fishing village. This environment encourages guests to enjoy the activities offered by the surrounding landscape. You can venture to the canal for a kayak trip or take a boat tour in the nearby mangrove forest. Also enjoy a horse ride to enjoy the peaceful black sand beach. You probably want to spend a lot of time surfing and the biggest waves are in the season from May to October, which generally do not exceed 10 feet (3 m). These large tubular waves are fun for experienced surfers, but still quite accessible for novices. If you are not interested in surfing, you can do bodyboarding or simply relax by the immaculate hotel pool.

If you want to eat out, you can walk to the center of El Paredón or drive 20 minutes to one of the other nearby beach towns.